Call for Presentation

Call for Presentation

Call for presentations is open

Submissions are placed in Papercall. Please read the instructions carefully.

Please help us make flatMap(Oslo) 2020 awesome by submitting a talk or workshop! It would be ideal if your submission ticks one of these boxes:

  • Inspire the audience to reach new heights. Abstractions, techniques, research, etc.
  • Give the audience new tools in their toolbox, things they can use right away!

This year we would especially welcome submissions on the following, but not limited to:

  • Applied FP and experience reports
  • Dotty / Scala 3
  • FP in other languages
  • anything else with roots in FP that you are truly passionate about

The talks are 40 minutes long. Workshops are usually 90 minutes, let us know if you need more time.

Submissions will be accepted continuously until March 1st 2020, which means submitting early increases your chance of being accepted. Please do not announce your own talk before we do. All announcements will be done after the CFP closes.

Travel Assistence for Speakers

Please indicate what you need in this form, as there are quite a few speakers that do apply for this. We have a limited budget, so getting your application in early makes this easier for us to handle.

We reserve the right to decline a refund application. Speakers living in the proximity of Oslo are not eligible.

Reimbursements are paid after the conference. We will reach out to speakers who applied for reimbursement and process the payments once payment details are provided. Make sure you have your receipts and payment details within 30th of May 2020.


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