The Organizer

flatMap(Oslo) is organized by Arktekk with the help of other sponsors. Arktekk is a small consultancy based in Oslo, Norway. We are 10 consultants helping people build awesome software using Functional Programming. Arktekk free up time for some of it’s consultants to organize the conference. Organizing the conference requires a lot of time and dedication.

The purpose of flatMap(Oslo) is to break even. Because of that goal, Arktekk provides financial backing.

Arktekk wants to organize a conference that is tailored for its own consultants. The conference should be challenging and mind expanding. But above all it should enable the participants to create amazing software.

Please talk to any Arktekk consultants before, after or during the conference to give advice, feedback or food for thought. It is highly appreciated.

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For all inquiries (the program, registration, logistics and sponsorship), please contact us at

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