Sponsor Letter

Dear Potential Sponsor

flatMap(Oslo) is an annual conference on functional programming in general and Scala in particular. Since 2012 the conference has attracted participants and speakers from all over the world.

The goal is to arrange a world class conference where everyone attending should be challenged to learn something new, expand their horizons, and discover something that they might not understand but takes them on a journey in search for further knowledge. This is the way to become a better software architect or developer.

2019 was yet another great success with close to 100 participants and 23 speakers. The biggest surprise was the more than 100 speaker submissions. It was really challenging for the program committee, but the result was great speaker lineup with talks that as of today has been seen over 8000 time on YouTube.

The 2020 edition of the conference will be held on the 14th and 15th of May at the Old Museum in Oslo, Norway by a group of developers from Arktekk, a small and independent consultancy in Oslo. Arktekk provides the economic safety that is quintessential for arranging this conference. Hopefully the 2020 edition of the conference will be even better, and we invite you to contribute.

We would like to offer the following sponsorship package.

  • Promotion via flatMap(Oslo)'s twitter account (@flatmaposlo)
  • Logo on our website (https://2020.flatmap.no)
  • Logo in the sponsor overview at the recorded talks.
  • Have a 30 second video (without audio) presented regularly on large screens at the conference.
  • 1 free ticket to attend the conference
  • The right to use flatMap(Oslo) in internal and external marketing
  • Sponsor promo code for reduced ticket price

We offer you this for NOK 25 000 (VAT not included).

Please let us know if you would like to do something extra. We are open to extended sponsorship packages.

The economic goal for flatMap(Oslo) is to break even, and any profits will go back into the conference.

Please contact us if there is anything that we can help you with.

Best regards

Stein Kåre Skytteren

flatMap(Oslo) 2020

+47 922 56 047



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